Starhawk: The Fifth Sacred Thing



  • with 5ST Multi-Cultural, Inter-Disciplinary Visioning and Planning Team

Advisor, Visionary Artist, Living Architecture & Sustainable Integration

Set in San Francisco, written in 1993, “The Fifth Sacred Thing” is now being filmed as a movie. Many of the sets for the film will be permanent legacy sites that will provide demonstrations of the beautiful, symbiotic world humanity is evolving into as caretakers of our resilient yet fragile world now beset with the tragic results of careless stewardship, neglect and abuse.

Budget: $80K for Creation of a Trailer and $20K to support Promotion and Outreach for the feature film.


Working with the 5ST team Aurora will help to establish and enact the film’s Green Plan that will set new standards for environmental accountability in the film industry.  We’ll bring resources into the inner city by networking with community organizations with whom we already have longstanding relationships. Aurora’s Habitile™ and Habitower™ modular planters that up-cycle styro-foam and other waste streams will enliven city views, create new habitat and serve as living downspouts routing rainwater safely and beautifully through our urban landscapes.

SEE: 3D Rendering of Habitiles in action: 3D EcoSystem Video Flyover by David Vasquez.