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LIVING ARCHITECTURE : SF Flower & Garden Show Western Living Gold Award 2005.

Aurora helped bring the “Growing In Circles” Team together to demonstrate how a drop of water can be filtered and usefully held in the soil based life all around us; from roof, to wall, to ground plane.


Aurora’s diverse cultural background and experiences have allowed her to collaborate with many people; among them the French moss specialist, Michel Chiaffreddo. Michel reliably propagates mosses which in turn allows him to employ them on eroded,  desiccated and denuded land to re-establish vegetative crusts which in turn supports the arrival of fungi and growth of seeds to germinate and plants to grow.



Aurora enjoys teaching and in 2012 she had the pleasure of mentoring some garden focused students at CCAC in San Francisco. They were able to win College support and to join together in the starting of a small garden of raised beds and some habitat at the ground level. The students pulled together to apply pressure to the school and they were also successful in gaining the support of a teacher who is now a proponent of concrete removal as well as of native habitat gardens in the city.