Edible Landscapes for All Species


LIFESCAPES are installations that engender fertile relationships between people and nature in cities. Art and landscapes engage people in the creation and stewardship of living places.


Art, Soil, plants & Water become the vehicles for cultural stewardship as people join together to sustain the natural life around them.  We invest in what we love. The fertility of the land is a direct result of human stewardship.  Folks come to know each other as they witness the direct increase of the natural and socio-cultural value of their place as community and land come alive together.


Aurora Mahassine works with people to develop sustainable relations with their environment via sustaining local wildlife and creating a living ethos. From sculpture to Infrastructure, Aurora engages clients and helps them design & develop Landscapes that embody right relations between people, the built environment, Nature and the Elements. She can engage the hosts, their stakeholders, the community & the general public with presentations, design charrettes, scheduled workshops and events that foster participation, connectivity and stewardship.


Her process considers these questions:

  • Does food and habitat for all species represent a new Landscape Aesthetic?
  • What will speed our transition from static urban lawnscapes to Lifescapes rooted in community health and fertility?
  • Can the systemic greening of our cities transform our collective problems into beautiful and sustainable Solutions?


The LIFESCAPES process includes the documentation of the connection between people and the land. We use photography, audio, video, Art and graphics to record the Transformation. Our goal is to see LIFESCAPES© adopted as the definitive   21st century landscape style and to further collaborate to create ever more fertile and connected urban green spaces worldwide.