Equinox: Balance of Nature & Humanity










Equinox greetings everyone. May all creation bless our beautiful Mother Earth & Father Sky. May their union hold and guide this fretful child Humanity to come to it’s senses – to recognize that we must all be the caretakers of Life on Earth.  The Beautiful Future requires that we heal our environments, ourselves & our economies – let us rise together!

Climate stabilization is a valuable service that every square foot of urban real estate has the potential to provide. The urban transition to green & blue infrastructure can catalyze the Green Economy and turn our cities into living Eco-System Service providers!  We have the ability to foster & nurture the balance between Humanity & Nature. May we have the collective intelligence, vision and will to do so!

Cities all over the world have the potential to redress humanity’s major issues; pollution, population, sanitation & poverty. Every square inch of every City Surface is performing environmentally at every moment – for better or for worse. Integrating green technology with Biological Surfacing allows Surface Area Performance to become a future driving Urban Economy with Cities as service providers. Urban Heat, Carbon, Air Quality, Storm & Grey Water, Biodiversity, Food, Building Insulation & Performance, Employment & Equity are all managed – in perpetuity! These Eco-System Services are the core building-blocks of the sustainable Blue & Green Economy.

The transformation of Urban Facades into fertile and productive surfaces provides us with a Multiple-Benefits pathway into the Eco-System Services economy. Climate stabilization, air quality, storm water retention, environmental and physical health etc… are all valuable Eco-System Services that every square foot of urban surface area has the potential to provide.

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